Frequently asked questions

What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is a legal employer that facilitates apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements by employing apprentices and trainees and placing them with host employers across different industries.

How does the GTO model work?

GTOs act as intermediaries between employers (host companies) and apprentices or trainees. They hire, manage, and provide support to apprentices, placing them with host employers who provide on-the-job training.

What is the role of a GTO in the apprenticeship/traineeship process?

GTOs handle the administrative aspects of apprenticeships and traineeships, including recruitment, employment, payroll, training coordination, and ongoing support for both the apprentice/trainee and host employer.

How are apprentices/trainees selected by GTOs?

GTOs typically have a recruitment process that involves assessing candidates for their suitability, skills, and interest in specific industries. They work with host employers to match apprentices/trainees with suitable placements.

What are the benefits of engaging with a GTO for host employers?

Host employers benefit from GTOs by gaining access to a flexible workforce, reducing administrative burdens, and receiving support in training and development of apprentices or trainees.

Do apprentices/trainees receive ongoing support from GTOs?

Yes, GTOs provide ongoing support to apprentices/trainees throughout their placement, including regular check-ins, monitoring progress, addressing concerns, and facilitating additional training or assistance as needed.

How does payment and payroll work for apprentices/trainees employed by GTOs?

GTOs handle the payroll for apprentices/trainees, ensuring they are paid in accordance with relevant awards or agreements. Host employers may contribute to the apprentice/trainee's wages based on the time they spend on-site.

Can host employers hire apprentices/trainees directly after their placement with a GTO?

Yes, many GTOs offer host employers the option to hire apprentices/trainees directly after the completion of their training. The specific terms may vary based on the agreement between the GTO and the host employer.

What industries do GTOs operate in?

GTOs can operate across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, IT, healthcare, and more. They aim to meet the diverse workforce needs of different sectors. Wettrade Apprenticeships operates across the wet trades including painting and decorating, wall and ceiling lining, plastering, wall and floor tiling and construction waterproofing.

How can individuals apply for apprenticeships/traineeships through a GTO?

Individuals seeking to complete an apprenticeship through Wettrade Apprenticeships may do so by completing the expressions of interest form here.

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