Policies for Apprentices

Apprentice Completion Policy
Access and Equity Policy
Apprentice Induction Policy

Apprentice Pastoral Care Policy

Apprentice Performance Improvement Policy

Apprentice Probationary Policy

Apprentice Stand Down Policy

Apprentice Support Policy

Apprentice Training and Development Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Discrimination Policy

Employee Leave Policy

Ethical Practice Statement

Host Employer Onboarding Policy

IT, Internet, Email and Social Media Policy

Legislative Compliance Policy

Monitor and Evaluate Apprentice and Host Employer Performance Policy

Placement Apprentices with Host employers Policy

Risk Management Policy

Rotation of Apprentices with Host Employers Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

Workplace Bullying Policy

Workers’ Compensation Policy

Legislative Compliance Policy

Code of Practice

Ethical Practice Statement

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